These details reflect last year’s event. The upcoming Food & Wine Experience will also be held at Target Field. More information on the 2019 event is coming soon!

Minnesota Monthly’s Food & Wine Experience takes place at Target Field.

Enjoy gourmet fare, fine wines, and specialty beers while enjoying the dramatic views inside Target Field’s Skyline Suites, Suite Level, Puckett Atrium, Legends Concourse, and Carew Atrium.

CONCOURSE LEVEL: Exhibitors in the Puckett Atrium, Legends Concourse, and Carew Atrium

SUITE LEVEL: Exhibitors on the Suite Level and in the Skyline Suites, featuring Washington State Wine and D’Amico

Target Field Information

Address: 1 Twins Way, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Getting to Target Field

For more information, view the map of the City of Minneapolis’ Parking Ramps and Parking Fees.

Several more municipal and private parking ramps are a short walk away,
many connected most of the way to Target Field by the skyway system.

Here’s a map of the private and municipal parking ramps close to Target Field.

Where should I park?

Parking Ramps for Target Field
Four large parking ramps, the City of Minneapolis’ A, B, C, and Hawthorne municipal parking ramps, are the closest parking for Target Field, and have 7,000 spaces between them. RAMP A is the closest. Complimentary parking will be available at Ramp A of Minneapolis’ ABC Ramp during the event.*


*Parking is valid during the Grand Red Event and Food & Wine Experience only. Overnight parking will result in fees to attendee and are not responsibility of Greenspring Media.

Where should I enter?

Please note that the ONLY entrance to the Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience is via the skyway to Target Field located on the third level of the adjacent RAMP A parking lot (RAMP A is part of the downtown ABC Ramps). You can also access this skyway from the stairs and elevator next to Target Field on 7th Street North. Other entrances into Target Field will not be open.

What about my coat?

Coat check will be available.